More than Sports and Business, a true unique experience!

Would you like to experience the passion and emotion of a football match or feel the thrill of the greatest sports events with your top clients? Why not invite them to some of the most exciting matches and races in the world!

Take advantage of this opportunity to network with your clients in a fun and informal setting and reap the rewards. Discuss business in a fervent atmosphere whilst at the same time experiencing the passion and thrills of a world class competition, multiplying your chances of closing deals and discovering new proposals.

Connecting VIP Sports & Business Meeting programs immerse you in a sportive event combined with exclusive dinners, accommodation and adventurous activities that are creatively designed according to your specific needs and preferences.

Take the step to think 'out of the box' and you will find out that excitement, fun and business results can be linked together. That's why Connecting VIP Sports & Business Meetings exist to provide you with the most invigorating, surprising and dynamic business platform that genuinely connects people with people!


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